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Bong Chan, Cho’s System

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  • https://www.caryaudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Cary-1024x576.jpg

Cary Audio customer, Bong Chan, Cho, sent us photos and details of his beautiful home audio system. 

Power Amp: Cary CAD-211M Anniversary Edition  

  • Input tubes: Mullard ecc32, Sylvania 6SN7 Metal base, Chrome top
  • Driver tubes: Western Electric 300B (1956’s)
  • Output tubes: Psvane WE Replica 845 (looking for RCA tube)

Speakers: Marten Coltrane 2

Preamp: VAC Phi 2.0 Master

CD Player: Vitus Signature SCD-025 MK2

Turntable: Sota Star

Media Server: Roon Labs Nucleus+

Blu-ray: OPPO BDP-103

Speaker Cable: Wireworld Platinum 7

Interconnect: Wireworld Platinum 8, XLO Signature 3 S2-3 (for phono) 

Power Cable: Wireworld Platinum 8, Wireworld Silver Electra 7

Rack: Quadraspire

If you are located in the United States and Canada, you can purchase AiOS direct from our factory on CaryDirect.

If you are located outside the United States and Canada, please contact your local Dealer/Distributor to purchase.


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