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Peter’s AiOS Customer Review

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Long-standing Cary Audio customer, Peter S., reviews his new AiOS All-in-One System.

“I have been a loyal Cary Audio customer for over 25 years. I started out with the first version of the Cary CAD-805 monoblock tube amps in a large media room and thoroughly enjoyed the tube experience for over 15 years. I subsequently moved and my media room began to shrink as we downsized our living quarters. I reached out to Cary and traded in the CAD-805’s for the fantastic sounding CAD-300SEI. That unit was the closest amplifier I found to tube sound.  

Fast forward to relocating to Nashville and downsizing again, my space was too limited for the equipment. In addition, I know longer had the space to keep my large CD library and vinyl collection. Wisely electing to keep my vinyl and selling my CD collection, I stored all my CD recordings on a solid-state hard drive using FLAC and Apple Lossless. 

I sold all my equipment and started looking for equipment that would be appropriate in a 10 x 12 audio and video room. After extensive research on audiophile playback units, I found the Cary AiOS had all my options covered in one small unit. The AiOS allows me to control the music in the entire apartment through AirPlay and Bluetooth. It is connected to my LAN network and WiFi helping to run Sonos speakers in the living room and my Apple HomePods in the kitchen and the bedroom.  

I cannot say enough about my experience with the Cary folks. Excellent customer service and of course exceptional quality products made in the USA. The sound quality of the AiOS makes the listening room and all the other rooms in the house come alive.”

– Peter S., Cary Audio Customer

If you are located in the United States and Canada, you can purchase AiOS direct from our factory on CaryDirect.

If you are located outside the United States and Canada, please contact your local Dealer/Distributor to purchase.


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