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Celebrating 30 Years in Business!

Cary Audio is proud to announce that we are celebrating 30 years in business! Cary Audio was created in 1989 to fill a void felt to exist in the meaning, purpose, and emotional impact of musical reproduction in our homes.

Two of the most important events in the long history of Cary Audio was the creation, in 1989, of the CAD-300SE. The CAD-300SE was a single-ended, Class A, zero feedback triode amplifier. And in 1992, the creation of the CAD-805. The CAD-805 has long been considered the Grand Master of the Cary Audio sound and is still in production to this day. The distinguishing characteristics of the Cary Audio sound are the ease, warmth, and sheer emotion the music will have on you, the listener.  
Cary Audio’s products have always been strikingly individual. This is a result, not of compulsion to necessarily be different, but of a dedication to excellence in high performance audio. This dedication continues with every Cary Audio product we design and manufacture. 
Cary Audio began as a dream on company founder, Dennis Had’s, dining room table. I joined Cary Audio in 1992, and Dennis and I jointly owned the company until 2009. In 2009, Dennis decided to retire, and I purchased his shares of the company. Cary Audio has always been and continues to be a privately-owned small business based in North Carolina. From our humble beginning, passion and hard work have continued to fuel the growth of the company. We are proud to be an American manufacturer of high-performance hand-crafted products employing 21 dedicated employees in our current 10,000 square feet factory in Raleigh, North Carolina. It is a dream come true! 
From our vacuum tube beginnings, we have expanded into other areas within the high-performance family of products. From vacuum tube to solid state to state of the art digital streamers, Cary Audio believes its sound will change the way you listen to music. Forever!
We are proud of our 30-year history and look forward to our future. We believe there are very few things in life that are uncompromising. We are honored to count Cary Audio’s family of products among them. 
I want to personally thank you for the awesome support over these first 30 years. And we look forward to bringing you even more musical pleasure and enjoyment through our products for years to come. 
Billy Wright

We would like to thank you for supporting us by offering our biggest savings yet! For a limited time only, shop our Anniversary Sale on new products with free shipping on CaryDirect in the United States and Canada. Use coupon code 30YEARS at checkout. Plus, save even more when purchasing two or more products. This sale does not include the SLI-80HS, B-Stock, CPO, Tubes, & Accessories.

If you are located outside the United States and Canada, please contact your local Dealer/Distributor to purchase your new Cary Audio products.


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