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High End 2019 Munich Show Report

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Cary Audio was in Munich, Germany the weekend of May 9-12, for the High End 2019 Show. The High End 2019 Show was held at the MOC. It is a great venue and it is all HiFi! It is a treat to do this show each year. The attendance was excellent, and the general vibe of the attendees at the show was extremely positive.

Our Booth was primarily a static display with a number of our products on hand. Since the High End 2019 Show is truly an international show, it was wonderful to show off our products to people from all over the world. Cary Audio continues to build its brand in the European markets.

We had one active system at the High End 2019 Show. It featured our AiOS ( All in One System ) connected to a pair of Fyne Audio F500 loudspeakers. The sound was incredible and what a bargain for the money!

There was also a HiFi Show at the Marriott Hotel in Munich the same weekend. It was called the HiFi Deluxe Show and it is basically an alternative show to the High End 2019 Show held at the MOC. It is similar to what T.H.E. Show used to be to CES in Las Vegas. Our good friends from Scotland, Fyne Audio, demonstrated in Room 518 at the Marriott Hotel an extraordinary system consisting of the Cary Audio SLP-05, CAD-120S MKII, and the DMS-600, Chord cables, and the Fyne Audio flagship F1-12 speakers.  Fantastic sound!

It was a great weekend, we look forward to showing off all our wonderful products at the next show. Hope you can join us!

If you are located in the United States and Canada, you can purchase our products direct from our factory on CaryDirect.

If you are located outside the United States and Canada, please contact your local Dealer/Distributor to purchase.


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