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2018 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Show Report

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It was a busy and exciting weekend for Cary Audio in Denver, CO from October 5-7 for the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. We ran two systems at the show.

The main system consisted of the new SLI-100, 100 watt tube integrated amplifier, the new DMS-550 digital music streamer, Wireworld cables, and ProAc D20 loudspeakers.

The second system consisted of the AiOS all-in-one system and ProAc Tablette Signature loudspeakers.

Also, on display was our new DMS-600 digital music streamer and several AiOS’ showing off their different color side panels and displays.

The sound in both systems was excellent. The crowds were good, and everyone had a great time!

A couple of cool things done at the show was a live stream performance of a London concert by MQA through the new DMS-550. The other was the introduction of Qobuz in the United States.Qobuz is planned to be in both the new DMS-550 and the DMS-600 at launch or just shortly after, and we are proud to be one of the first in the United States to stream Qobuz at the show.

Check our website for all details on the new SLI-100. More information, including release dates, on the new DMS-550 and DMS-600 will be announced over the coming days. Stay tuned!

For those that could not attend the show and take advantage of our show special discount, it’s extended until Sunday, October 21st. Use coupon code RMAF15 at checkout. Shop now!

If you are located within the United States and Canada, you can purchase direct from our factory here.

If you are located outside the United States and Canada, you can find your local dealer/distributor here.


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