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Eric’s System & Review

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Cary Audio customer, Eric, sent us photos of his system! Below is his review and details of his components. Thank you for your support and for being part of the Cary Audio Family!

“I have been an enthusiastic Cary customer since I first met Dennis Had in 1992. At that time he recommended the 300 SE which changed the way I thought about what an amplifier could actually do. I never heard music reproduced with such palpably real and beautiful tone quality. Who knew back then what a flee sized single ended triode could do! I had only one problem, I listen mostly to symphonic music. What I really wanted was that astounding sound with more majesty and slam. Next time I spoke with Dennis he recommended I try the 805B. I never looked back. That amp could drive real world speakers while delivering that spine tingling experience of the 300 SE on large scale orchestral music. 

With the 805 I started searching for a new speaker and bought the PSB Stratus Gold. This combination was great but I still felt there was more I could get. My solution was buy two more 805’s and bi-amp the speaker. Wow! With this set-up I asked Paul Barton (PSB) if there were any cross-over mods I could do to improve performance of the speaker in this single ended bi-amped configuration. He graciously made some suggestions and I have remained with this base rig ever since.

There is one more chapter in my Cary Audio odyssey. I had for years chosen various CD players with volume control thereby eliminating the need for any pre-amplification. None of them was completely satisfactory. I knew Cary had entered the CD player market so I gave Dennis a call to discuss the matter. He told me that I should try the new 306-200. I asked if it had a volume control and was told it did not but Dennis installed one for me and I bought it. With that unit my system sang like never before. This is just one of many examples I could site of the excellent technical support I have experienced over many years at Cary Audio. 

This system sounds more than wonderful. Over the years a number of my music loving friends have dumped high end components and also built Cary based systems. The best marketing Cary has will always be great systems like this, properly set up in one of your customers homes. 

To finish up, over the years friends have brought over various competitors equipment, much very high end stuff, to try in my system. For the record not one amp or CD player has been able to displace my Cary gear, most not even close.”

Four 805-B amplifiers with custom built racks
306-200 CD player with analog volume control
PSB Stratus Gold modified to increase efficiency and raise impedance
Power conditioning comes from a Furman IT-1220
Signal cables are Kimber KCAG
Speaker cables are Tara Labs The One
The room is dedicated to the stereo and heavily treated

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