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Introducing DMS-Mini

DMS-Mini – more than just a “chip” of the old block. Like the popular award winning DMS-500, the DMS-Mini is a network audio player/streamer/DAC with 100% of the same streaming functionality and capabilities of the DMS-500 with an astonishing 90% of the sound quality of the DMS-500, all in a small, beautiful, compact chassis. If you’ve dreamed of owning the DMS-500 but your budget is a bit more modest, the DMS-Mini is the…

WAIT, WAIT…okay, you got us. There is no such thing as a DMS-Mini, but our popular AiOS is exactly as stated above. What most folks don’t realize is that you can use AiOS as a source, just like the DMS-500. Simply connect AiOS to your preamplifier, receiver, etc., using its analog RCA outputs. Turn off the amplifier in AiOS’ menu and set the output volume to 2.0v – 3.0v. Now, you actually do have a “DMS-Mini.”

AiOS can do everything! It can playback all the same formats and streaming sources as the DMS-500. It even uses the same DAC chip and the same app. There’s not one function the DMS-500 has that AiOS doesn’t, except balanced outputs, AES/EBU input, and graphical display. As a matter of fact, AiOS is a hidden gem of a bargain beyond compare. AiOS is a giant killer in the world of network audio players/streamers/DACs given its very affordable price and performance level at 90% of the sonic quality of the DMS-500. However, there is more…

Almost too good to be true. As if all the above wasn’t enough, there is actually quite a bit more that AiOS includes. Such as, a built-in 150 watt Class AB amplifier (based off our SA-200.2 power amplifier), which makes AiOS not only a top-notch source but also an incredible integrated amplifier, if one wishes to use it as such. It not only includes the same digital inputs as the DMS-500, it also includes 3 analog inputs. It has the same aptX Bluetooth function as the DMS-500 and includes Bluetooth SEND to send AiOS’ output to a pair of Bluetooth speakers or headphones. It also includes a 15-band EQ (only active in integrated amplifier mode). Last, but certainly not least, all this is elegantly packaged into a compact, all aluminum embossed chassis with built-in switchable illumination colors and optional matching extruded aluminum side panels. Gorgeous!

If there was ever a high-end bargain, AiOS is definitely it!

If you are located within the United States and Canada, you can purchase directly from our factory.

If you are located outside the United States and Canada, you can find your local dealer/distributor here.


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