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Introducing Concierge Pricing on CaryDirect

Cary Audio is excited to announce Concierge Pricing on CaryDirect.com for consumer direct purchases in the United States and Canada. As CaryDirect enters its third year selling direct to consumer, we have observed customer trends, buying habits, and have received a lot of customer feedback and suggestions.

It’s clear in today’s marketplace that customers want choices and the ability to buy when they want. Concierge Pricing addresses those needs. With Concierge Pricing, the customer selects the level of benefits, services, and pricing they feel comfortable with without needing or having to wait for the obligatory “sale.” Customers simply select the pricing/benefits package of their choice and check out. Easy with no hassle. Each product page clearly lists the differences between the three levels. For example, Platinum Level increases in-home trial periods to 45 days from 30 days and adds an extra year of warranty from 3 years to 4 years (18 months for CD product). Also, the Platinum Level includes allowances within the first year to trade-up or add upgrades at discounted rates, as well as other benefits. For the price conscience customer, Silver Level reduces overall benefits in return for a substantially lower cost. This is perfect for the otherwise second-hand customers, allowing them to buy new and factory direct at a price they feel comfortable with without taking a leap of faith from a stranger on the used market. Our mid-level, Gold, strikes a perfect balance of lower cost and comprehensive benefits. Of course, all levels retain free shipping in the continental United States and Canada.

Concierge Pricing is exactly what the name suggests, offering custom pricing solutions to fit the needs of the customer. CaryDirect customers now have several choices with respect to ownership cost, as well as the benefits and services they desire. In addition, CaryDirect will continue to offer same as cash financing for various terms and accepts trade-ins of both Cary Audio and other branded products as per the selected package.

Cary Audio products are also available from local dealers inside and outside the United States. 

CaryDirect is only available in the United States and Canada. 


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