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Vlamir’s System & Review

Our distributor in Brazil, Vlamir from Logical Design, decided to build his own dedicated space for music listening and to use as a laboratory after doing many room projects for customers. His room measures 5.5m x 4.0m x 3.0m and is fully treated with absorbers and diffusion. Below is information on his system.

Electrical Treatment:

The electric treatment has two dedicated lines with custom Iridium Logical Cables power cords and Oyaide XXX outlets filtered with Vcap capacitors inside of a Logical Cables power strip. Additionally, one Audience AR6-TS modified to have same capacitors as the monoblocks. 


  • Power amplifiers: Cary Audio CAD-805AE using KR Audio 845 output and 300B driver tubes. GE 6SN7 and Haltron 6SL7 completes the set. With zero negative feedback, the CAD-805AE amplifier connects its listener to the music like no other amplifier in history. You can’t get a more direct emotional connection regardless of price. Even considering the higher cost of the tube compliment, it’s still a bargain beyond comparison.   
  • The preamplifier is passive using DACT and fully impedance matched Iridium line Logical Cables and WBT Next Gen.
  • Source: Cary Audio DMS-500 using TIDAL MQA / FLAC and external Network HDD using WAV and DSD files ripped carefully in a laboratory (this is another story). Very high performance sound from a very affordable source component.
  • All power cords and interconnects are from Logical Cables IRIDIUM line which is the result of 15 years of development.
  • Speakers: Acapella Audio Arts, custom model using plasma tweeter, horn mids and 4 – 10” drivers for bass. If you’ve never listened to one, be prepared. Very spacious, coherent, fast, transparency, with incredible timbre and emotion. Like a Formula 1 car, very small adjustments can greatly impact it’s performance.


  • For dampening we use Shunmook products, Mpingos and Ebony feet.
  • The racks and shelves were custom made. Each shelf uses 10 layers, including Plumbum, Aluminum, HDF, real wood, absorbers, etc. Weights 230Kg.


The system plays all genres of music, from classical to heavy metal, like I’ve never heard before. The result is that every day, a very busy man like me, finds time to listen to music and relax. It’s so exciting that during the day I think to stop working to go to the listening room.

Personally, I can say classics emerge with an ambience from the dark background that creates an emotion that connects me to moments in my past. From other tracks like pop and rock, a lot of excitement exudes that impels anyone to dance and shake their body. Listening to Jazz and Bossa Nova allows you to follow the rhythm and understand the interactions between musicians as if you’re there.

It’s difficult for me to express my feelings in a different language, but even if you don’t understand exactly what was my tactile sensation, you could imagine something very, very positive. After 15 years of working with audio and representing 30 brands today in Brazil, it’s hard to believe that finally I have this system for me.

The slogan of my company is, “Beyond Sound and Vision.” It was created because we work every day to allow more and more people to have this connection to music. This is the main objective. Making sales and earning profits will be consequence of what starts as a consultative approach. All people love music, but many don’t yet know how much.


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