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Room Correction with AiOS and the DMS-500

What is room correction? Simply put, it’s tools that allow for overcoming inherent room anomalies that can affect sound, such as using time delay, parametric EQ, etc. 

As Roon Ready products, both AiOS and the DMS-500 further expand their capabilities utilizing Roon DSP Engine tools. These include Headroom Management, Parametric EQ, Speaker Setup, and more. These are powerful tools and MUST be used carefully and skillfully. Even though AiOS and DMS-500 are Roon Ready and one can potentially benefit from these features, all support for such features is the responsibility of Roon and the end users. As Roon Labs states on their website, “Warning Label: DSP Engine gives you tools that can create loud or potentially damaging sounds. Experiment at low volume levels until you are confident that things are alright. If in doubt, ask for help.”





If you are located within the United States and Canada, you can purchase directly from our factory.

If you are located outside the United States and Canada, you can find your local dealer/distributor here.


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