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SLP-05 Ultimate Upgrade Customer Reviews

A couple of months ago, we introduced the new “Ultimate Upgrade” for the SLP-05, our top-of-the-line preamplifier. We had been on a mission for the past couple of years to create an upgrade worthy of the SLP-05 and one that would take it to a whole other level. We felt we really had a winning combination when we announced the upgrade. But “WOW”, we did not expect the tremendous response from the many owners who have already sent their SLP-05 to us to perform the upgrade. Below are a few of the comments from very satisfied owners.

“Sounds great. It sounded great before, now there is just more of everything. Greater tonal density, more dynamic, and most noticeably, deeper, tighter, more impactful bass. Really a great offering, I could not be happier that I did it.” – John Culver

 “Since its arrival, all I have done is listen to music. I got to bed this morning at 3:00 am and haven’t gotten to bed sooner than 2:00 am since the SLP-05 arrived late Saturday afternoon!  I’m as happy and as giddy with the Ultimate Upgrade as a little school girl. In light of the modest cost of the Ultimate Upgrade, I honestly expected a few minor tweaks and adjustments to generally improve upon an already stellar preamp and would have been more than pleased with just that. Instead, my “new” SLP-05 is just that, a new and a shockingly major step forward in terms of the sound and performance. I was more than pleased and delighted with my SLP-05 in its stock form.  By achieving what Cary has with the upgrade, I’m overwhelmed and astonished by the differences and wouldn’t have believed it had I not experienced it firsthand. Anyone owning this preamp would be foolish not to have Ultimate Upgrade makeover, especially at the more than reasonable asking price.” – Tony Harrison 

“By the way, holy sh**!  The upgrade is unbelievable!” – Sean Merkle 

“The upgrade is more than worth the price of admission. I am very happy with the increased detail. My only suggestion for improvement would be to make a stencil or something similar stating that it was upgraded & when. If you look on the Audiogon forums you will see 100% praise for the upgrade.” – Larry Winship

 “In my first listening session I can report more inner detail, better resolution, better front to back differentiation or layers of music.  One of my “reference” instruments is the piano- more natural with the upgrade.  Lower noise, blacker background all while reproducing a more natural sound.” – Bob Montani

“What I had intended to be a sound snap shot turned into several hours of unabashed musical astonishment as disc after familiar disc offered up sonic revelations never heard before. Even with scaled back expectations the differences at this stage were impressive and not subtle. The SLP 05 ultimate upgrade is a stellar achievement making a really good preamp truly great! I would encourage every SLP 05 owner to not just consider this upgrade but to have it done ASAP. You have no idea of the musicality your 05 is capable of conveying on a broad spectrum of musical genres until you have this upgrade. It is awesome! The sonic and musical enjoyment is the best bang for the buck upgrade I have ever done.” – Charles Vonderheid

Click here to learn more about the SLP-05 Ultimate Upgrade. The complete upgrade is priced at $1,595 which includes all parts, labor, and FREE shipping back to you. If you purchase a new SLP-05, you will be able to add this upgrade during the checkout process on carydirect.com.

Please visit our Service Center to request a RMA to send in your SLP-05. You can also contact TechSupport@caryaudio.com or call 919-355-0010 to schedule your “Ultimate Upgrade.”


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