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The Absolute Sound DMS-500 Review

Check out the latest edition of The Absolute Sound (Issue 276) for a full review of the DMS-500 network audio player. Thanks, Neil Gader for a wonderful review and 2017 Editor’s Choice Award! 

“Sonically the DMS-500 struck most if not all of the right notes during my listening sessions. It established a full-bodied ease and warmer signature that supported naturalistic acoustic recordings and proved particularly flattering to cello, acoustic bass, and piano. I don’t think it’s too great a leap to say that Cary, with its long heritage designing tube amplification (including the legendary SET model CAD-805), might’ve had this refulgent voicing in mind.”

“It manifested a clean, harmonious character that was light on its feet with delicate low-level detailing and micro-dynamics. Bass response was equally impressive both tonally and dynamically.”

“There was a harmonic integrity to these recordings that bathed the room with uncanny acoustic life.”

“Winning the day for the DMS-500 was its low-level resolution—the ease with which it reproduced the quiet, contemplative passages of a piano sonata or the deep acoustic interior of a complex recording.” 

“The Cary (DMS-500) puts users at ease while effortlessly bringing forth digital media in all its many wired and wireless and exotic permutations.” 

“Solid, seamless, and nicely laid out stem to stern, the DMS-500’s overall construction quality appears beyond reproach for this category.” 

“it doesn’t take the résumé of a Silicon Valley IT expert to get the DMS up and running. The Cary instantly recognized my Synology NAS on my network.”

“Of no small importance, however, is that the DMS-500 is now fully MQA-certified and will decode MQA files.”

“The DMS-500 is one of the most format-friendly and un-finicky media players one is likely to find in the here and now, or at least for the next six months. Anchored by superb sonics and wide-ranging connectivity and reliability, the Cary amasses well-deserved kudos for filling the DMS-500 with exotic digital tech and massaging it to perform so seamlessly that even the computer-averse can dry those sweaty palms and reengage with the music. And isn’t that the goal of the high end? I certainly think so, and obviously so does Cary Audio. A terrific product.”

If you are located within the United States and Canada, you can purchase the DMS-500 directly from our factory.  Shop now! 

If you are located outside the United States and Canada, you can find your local dealer/distributor here



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