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Steve Customer Review

Cary Audio customer, Steve, wrote a great review of the DMS-500 network audio player. Thank you for your support and for being part of the Cary Audio Family!

“Cary Audio lives up to their reputation of having an extremely organic & musical sound. This unit was an upgrade from my entry level Bluesound Node2. The upgrade in sound quality was STUNNING! It went from good to AMAZING. If you want digital to sound lush, dynamic and more like great vinyl, then you’ve found your solution. The team at Cary Audio has been working hard on their smartphone app to make it live up to the sound of the hardware. Recently (March 2017) their firmware and app updates made huge improvements that now make exploring Tidal and your saved favorites so much easier and more enjoyable. Thank you to Cary Audio for listening and caring about their DMS-500 customers!

There is no better product on the market today to experience the lush “live performance” qualities of MQA. Cary Audio’s DMS-500 transports you to the venue and you are “there” for the original performance. Singers and musicians take on a “lifelike” quality that is downright spooky and thoroughly engaging. There is simply no harshness or edge. It is just like the real thing. My musical enjoyment has never been this good. I get to experience goosebumps and that adrenaline rush of a live performance anytime I desire…and I desire it all the time! Cary Audio’s DMS-500 delivers. Look no further.”

If you are located within the United States, you can purchase the DMS-500 network audio player directly from our factory. Shop now! 

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