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Shlomo Reichani Customer Review

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One of our customers in Israel, Shlomo Reichani, sent us a lovely review of his beautiful home audio system full of Cary Audio products. Thank you for your support and for being part of the Cary Audio Family!

In his system:

Cary Audio CAD-211FE monoblock power amplifiers
Cary Audio SLP-05 preamplifier
Cary Audio DMC-600SE digital music center
Cary Audio DMS-500 network audio player
New Audio Frontiers Stradivari phono amplifier
PS Audio P10 regenerator 
Purist Audio Design Dominus speaker cables 
Purist Audio Design Dominus interconnects
Purist Audio Design Dominus power cords 
Eventus Audio Nebula SE loudspeakers

“At last the shipment arrived and Bar (Cary Audio Distributor in Israel) put everything together like he knows best. Let me share my feelings of real joy and happiness of the outcome right from out of the box. I have expected some thrill and excitement for what I have read and mostly from what Bar told me and how he actually helped me make a sweet mellow dream come true. I am so happy that I have moved to Cary Audio as my main electronic and source equipment. This has changed my experience from excellent product that I had prior to the change, into a whole new experience of hearing music with such a joy. Thank you so much for that.”

We love receiving feedback and photos from our customers! Would you like to send us a customer review and photos of your Cary Audio product(s) for our blog? Please send them to our Marketing Manager, Katie McGinn by email at katie@caryaudio.com.


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