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High Fidelity Reviews the DMC-600SE

Wojciech Pacuła from High Fidelity reviews the DMC-600SE digital music center.

“I spent my time with the tested player in a really pleasant way. The device is really functional and its functions are really worth trying out, not just looking at. It also has a solid and sound design, while its sound makes us want to listen to it for a long time and charms us with warm and dense midrange. What we have to sacrifice in return is the definition and bass focus. However, if we set the upsampler and the output correctly, we will see that as the device’s “character”, not a drawback. If what we look for in music are peace and pleasure, the DMC-600SE should be listened to at the very beginning, as thanks to this we may save a lot of time that we will then be able to spend listening to music, reading books, watching movies and TV series, walking and doing sport (best – in company!).”

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