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Alan Shares his Cary Audio Story

Long-time Cary Audio supporter and friend shares his story about his experience with Cary Audio. Thank you so much for the kind words, Alan. Receiving this email meant a lot to us and we really appreciate your support.

“Some info you probably didn’t know about Cary Audio.

My name is Alan and I’ve been an audiophile enthusiast, both in car & home audio for many years now. I’ve also worked professionally as as a software engineer for some of the largest companies in the industry. In the early 1990’s, I was introduced to spectacular new Home Audio company specializing in Vacuum Tube Audio products. I became very intrigued with this new company, Cary Audio Design, but found it difficult to reach them via phone. At the time, the Internet was relatively new and very few high-end audio manufacturers had a formal website at the time.

A close friend of mine, Elliot Moon, whom I lost to cancer in Jan. 2015, helped facilitate a meeting between myself and Cary Audio executives. I developed a proposal on areas that I could provide my computer expertise as a software engineer and soon came to provide some initial websites for Cary Audio Design and their sister company Audio Electronics.

I worked for both Cary Audio Design & Audio Electronics. The results of my work began to manifest itself as Dennis Had & Billy Wright started being available to speak to on the phone. I went on to assist in areas that were beneficial to Cary Audio Design. Very few business agreements were still closed with a firm handshake & perhaps the last I will ever see in my lifetime.

I like to feel that I had a little bit to do with changing the way this company did business (I.e. – Introducing them to the Internet, creating email accounts, building name recognition via the internet, increasing productivity, etc.)

I was so impressed with Dennis Had, Billy Wright, and other staff at Cary Audio. I made the decision to name my first born daughter “Cary” Anne. Why would anyone in their right mind name their daughter after an audio manufacturer? It made complete sense to me, as my experience with Dennis Had & Billy Wright has been exceptional. Cary Audio Design represented more than just another audio manufacturing company. They represented attributes that were important to me: honesty, loyalty, quality, integrity, pursuit of audio reproduction in its purest form. They simply treated people with respect & professionalism. It was also about their own high moral standards, truly exceptional people. I am indeed grateful for my opportunity working for these wonderful people and hope to see Cary Audio continue to flourish. It is encouraging there are very good people in the world, sometimes you have to look harder.

If anyone looking for fantastic products, as well as people – to check out the Cary Audio. I was initially hesitant about releasing this, however, people should hear the exceptional and rare stories as well. Best wishes.”


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