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Mark Kelly Certified Pre-Owned SLP-98 Customer Review

Mark Kelly recently bought a Certified Pre-Owned SLP-98P preamplifier! He was kind enough to send us a review. Thank you for your support and for being part of the Cary Audio Family!

“I received the two components and they look spectacular! I very much appreciate the meticulous attention to detail with the packaging of both units, especially the preamp, all packaging being preserved of course. The term “excellent condition” is a description that is ambiguous these days and is often exaggerated. I think your use of the term is an understatement – these components look new! Every item was wrapped and sealed as if brand-new; I’m stunned with the condition, workmanship and overall beauty of this preamp power supply and each accessory.

I am somewhat fastidious in my care for all my equipment, guitars, ukulele etc.; I am sure 10 years from now this gem will be in the same pristine condition that it is now.

The folks at Cary run a very Classy operation, from the communication at every aspect of the transaction and the meticulous attention to detail with the double boxed packaging of the pre-amp and accessories to the superlative craftsmanship the this SLP-98 preamp, an exquisite audio component in terms of design, craftsmanship and aesthetics.

This is a beautiful, elegant preamplifier; I never get tired of looking at it, the mirror-like luster of the anthracite black coating and the silver face is so tastefully finished.  The sound of this preamp is as refined as its looks; I love hearing inner details and nuances revealed for the first time from CD’s I’ve been listening to for years, more expression, more emotion, more fun! Thanks for building world class audio components.”

We love receiving feedback and photos from our customers! Would you like to send us a customer review and photos of your Cary Audio product(s) for our blog? Please send them to our Marketing Manager, Katie McGinn by email at katie@caryaudio.com.

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