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Gary Schield SLP-98P Customer Review

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Gary Schield owns a SLP-98P preamplifier and a V-12R power amplifier! He was kind enough to send us a review along with pictures. Thank you for your support and for being part of the Cary Audio Family!

“I’ve been building my system for over 40 years. Reciever to integrated amp to seperate componants, all solid state. About 10 years i asked my guy what single component would make the biggest difference in a pretty decent sounding system. He recommended the Cary SLP98P with the Moving Coil input for my cartridge. As soon as I installed this jewel I realized what I’d been missing. It was like a veil had been lifted on my record collection! The newfound openness and warmth, but without any coloration, was striking. I was so impressed I bought th V12R power amp to match. I might add the SLP98P has been absolutely trouble free, also. Thanks.”

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