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10 Audio Reviews the DAC-200ts

Jerry Seigel from 10 Audio reviews the DAC-200ts digital to analog converter!

“The ongoing decision to retain a component as a reference is often made using the “Goldilocks Principle”: avoiding too much or too little warmth, or too much or too little detail or other particular character, and hopefully finding THE ONE that is “just right”. In this case, as in most other areas of audio, this means a presentation that is completely neutral and without identifiable character. The highest compliment I can pay to an audio component is that I don’t think about it. The Cary DAC-200ts lets me forget what is making the music and give complete attention to the performance. Technically state of the art and sonically accomplished, the DAC-200ts delivers a listening experience of the highest order.”

Jerry gave the DAC-200ts digital to analog converter an overall rating of 10 LPs, and received their 10 Audio PERFECT 10 AWARD!

10 Audio Perfect 10 Award

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