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Positive Feedback Reviews the DMC-600SE

John Brazier from Positive Feedback reviews the DMC-600SE Digital Music Center!

“I see the Cary DMC-600SE as the centerpiece of a high-end audio system fit for the present and the future. It certainly meets the current needs of any respectable audiophile, digitalphile, and considers the future of expandability. I’ve had the 600SE for several months now, and as time goes by I become more and more attached to its signature sound. I have always preferred a more accurate and lively source, but, I also like a little cream with my coffee, and I have always tried to balance the smoothness with my speaker selection. I have found that strong electronics matched with a smoother transducer is the way to go for me. The 600 meets that criteria and far exceeds. Considering I’ve been the owner of the 306 for several years, it’s not a surprise that I have enjoyed the 600. As I have run it through all its paces and all its potential.”

“I was not looking to upgrade my source, I have been happy with the 306, but once I ran the signal through the DMC 600, then listened to DSD files, combined with the selectable tube output, its Bluetooth XMOS xCore USB ASYNCHRONOUS DAC (for me eliminating the USB/SPDIF converter), it became an easy sell. Yes, this unit is not going back, and I am purchasing the sample. I expect to have this Cary DMC 600 as the centerpiece of my set-up for a long time.”

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