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Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2015

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Another year and another Rocky Mountain Audio Fest has come and gone! The 2015 RMAF marks the beginning of a new era at Cary Audio. With the introduction of our soon to be shipping DMS-500 network audio player and TL-300d vacuum tube preamplifier, both longtime and new age customers were treated to something special. Reactions to both products by customer and industry insiders alike were spectacular. Watch out industry…Cary Audio is on the verge of exploding!

The DMS-500 flawlessly streamed PCM files up to 32 bit/ 384 kHz, and DSD files up to 256 over a typically configured home network over Ethernet as well as from our own and customer provided USB HDD and thumb drives. Not only was the sound extraordinary, but the visuals of our 5” HD full color display wowed over the crowds with stunning album graphics and a user interface of exceptional intuitiveness. To be frank, many of our industry peers were quite taken aback as well. Those looking for a network audio player, USB/SD HDD player, Internet music player, and much more, need to look no further!

The TL-300d proved to be another show stopper. Combining both a reference level vacuum tube line-stage for analog sources with that of a reference USB/SPDIF DAC capable of 32/384 PCM and DSD256 delivered both rich and detail sound from the DMS-500. Not only was the sound extraordinary, but the visuals of the TL-300d with our new centered, framed, and symmetrical aesthetics were outstanding. Taking the TL-300d to a new level of beauty was our “tube aquarium.” The tube aquarium is a window that peers inside the TL-300d to display the inner workings and the warm glow of the four (4) 12AX7 vacuum tubes while being bathed in a calming sea of blue light. Like a real aquarium, the tube aquarium offers a gorgeous visual of stellar beauty and relaxation.

Both new products represent a new stage for Cary Audio. As evident by the number of younger as well as female attendees at this year’s RMAF validates a new era in the appreciation of sound, accessibility of music and the beauty of hi fidelity components. Cary Audio has jumped ahead of this curve addressing how customers prefer to access their music as well as preferences in integrating capabilities.

A special thanks to Totem and Kimber Kable. The Totem Metal speakers being driven by the DMS-500 source, the TL-300d line-stage preamplifier, and the CAD-120S MKII amplifier delivered stunning sound with powerful deep bass, rich smooth mids, and extended musical highs that was nothing short of extraordinary, especially considering NO ROOM TREATMENTS and simple placement and setup despite the difficulty these hotel show rooms represent, as anyone knows!

Look for announcements soon on the release dates of the DMS-500 and TL-300d, as well as more new ground breaking Cary Audio products coming soon!


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