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Jeff Ehli’s Cary Audio System

Jeff Ehli has shared a photo of his current system with us. “I am so proud of it. Your products are outstanding.” His system consists of the following:

SLP-05 preamplifier
CAD-120S MKII amplifier
CD-303T SACD player
Focal Electa Bs speakers
S3 Rel subs
All Shunyata Research speaker wire
All Shunyata power cords
Shunyata power conditioner
Hydra AV
All supported on a Maple Shade stand using Maple Shade brass tip toes

We want to thank him for sharing his impressive system with us, and we appreciate his support of our products.

Do you want to share your Cary Audio system? Please send a photo and description to our Marketing Manager, Katie McGinn to get featured in our blog!



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