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TED Magazine Reviews the SLP-98, CAD-120S MkII, and the DAC-100t

Michel Dallaire from TED Magazine reviews the SLP-98 preamplifier, CAD-120S MkII amplifier, and the DAC-100t vacuum tube digital to analog converter. The article is titled, ” A trio of tubes to warm your heart this winter.”

TED Magazine is based in Canada and the article is written in French. Our Canadian sales representative has translated the key components of the article below.

“Listening to the Cary Audio ensemble provided to me, was like opening a window to my music.

The CAD120 demonstrated great bass extension, and control, which is impressive for a tube based circuit. It was as if my woofers were controlled by an iron fist.

The Cary gear was very neutral, I did not notice any tonal imbalance, as I often do with other tube based creations.

I had the impression of listening to transistor based circuit control, yet with both greater spatial and stereo imaging.

Ultra linear mode was precise and detailed, seeming to just flow from the source.
Triode mode had a smoothness and sweetness, that was fluid.

The Cary equipment magnificently placed singers where they belonged, along with the ambience of the venue.

Cary Audio is ready to play music. It does not sound like typical tube equipment, it is more neutral. “

Please click here to read the full review.


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