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Part-Time Audiophile Reviews the DAC-100t

Brian Hunter from Part-Time Audiophile reviews the Cary Audio DAC-100t vacuum tube digital to analog converter.

“Not many DACs on the market offer an analog tube output stage, so in that regard alone Cary puts itself at the very front of the pack.

Good dynamics, rich mid tones and a warm analog sound round out a very well assembled combination where digital and analog meet.

The entire package is less fancy/more practical in design, but distributes its resources where it counts. Those looking for a full-scale assault on digital playback for their loudspeaker rig will want to keep the Cary DAC-100t on the top of their audition list.

Looking to add a digital component to your turntable setup? The 100t may be just piece you are looking for to ease your way into things. The unit can even sandwich in between your pre amp and CD transport to help take the crispy edge off.

In the end, it allows you to invite a tube stage into place in your rig that would otherwise might not be an option you may have thought of, an analog key for an overlooked hole. The proposition is and interesting one, I’m looking forward to see what Cary comes up with next.”

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