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The Accessory secrtion of this site will showcase products you can purchase off of the Cary Direct online store. Products include our universal programmable remote, 300B tubes, and many other accessories to make your system as good as it can be.


Universal Programmable Remote Control
Universal Remote Remote Control
The new Cary Audio universal programmable remote control was designed to control your entire home theater system with a single device. It comes with a huge internal code library for thousands of devices, as well as all Cary Audio products. In addition it can act as a "learning" remote to accept codes from other remotes not covered in our library. Future downloadable libraries can be added using the built in SD card slot.
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MA 300 Bias meter
MA 300 Using the MA 300 analog bias adjustment meter will simplify the procedure of adjusting the bias on any Cary Audio vacuum tube amplifier. The MA 300 has the main advantage in there is only one clearly defined needle to observe. The user will get an instant reading of the bias current without the worry of a proper scale selection or dead batteries. The MA 300 is strictly a 0-300 ma. analog reading gauge. To operate, simply plug the meter in and make your adjustments. The MA 300 comes complete with a 3 ft. cord and ¼ inch 2 conductor plug.
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