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It’s easy to see that the world is shrinking due to the Internet. Business models are also changing rapidly as traditional brick and mortar stores find it increasingly difficult to find a successful niche in which to operate. Cary Audio recognizes this trend and fully supports its existing dealers in both the integrator and two-channel worlds as they adapt to new practices.

Because of these changes, however, there are geographic areas which do not have an authorized Cary Audio dealer and in some of these markets we have not yet firmed up a relationship with a dealer. While we are exploring these opportunities to provide better availability across the country, we also recognize that there are many consumers who would love to buy Cary Audio systems but don’t have an authorized dealer nearby. To serve and support these customers, we have developed a Remote Direct Sales Program that allows you to order direct from the factory if there is not a dealer located within 100 miles of you. To see if you are eligible for this program, enter your zip code below. If there is not a dealer within 100 miles of you, please contact our Sales Manager, Daryl Berk, for more information.

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