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Cary Audio Retail Rep Locator

In the United States, Cary Audio incorporates a hybrid sales model which allows customers to purchase and evaluate our products in-home risk free for 30 days direct from Cary Audio, or you may visit a local Retail Rep for a demonstration prior to purchasing. Please know purchases through a Retail Rep are processed direct between Cary Audio and the customer, not between the Retail Rep and the customer. As such, all sales in the United States are in fact direct from the factory. The advantage to using a Retail Rep is that you may have a chance to first hear and see the product as well as seek out advice from the Retail Rep prior to purchase. Please enter your zip code below to find a local Retail Rep. If there is no Retail Rep in your local area or you prefer to purchase now, please visit CaryDirect (www.carydirect.com).


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