Audio Electronics

Introducing Audio Electronics by Cary Audio!

Cary Audio has a long history of providing the high-end community true audiophile sound quality with its award winning line of tube and solid state amplification and digital products for audio and cinema systems.  Through Audio Electronics, Cary Audio’s subsidiary originally created in 1993 and now re-launched, a new segment of music lovers is about to be wowed. While Cary Audio has an established reputation with the seasoned audiophile, Audio Electronics is positioned to reach a new generation of music fans with a smaller, sleeker design suited for the urban environment.

By providing a modern design and excellent sound quality in lower price-point products, Audio Electronics is promoting the future of the high-performance audio industry while preserving the heritage and integrity of the Cary Audio brand. Audio Electronics products will be available through its online store or at Cary Audio dealers.

Audio Electronics by Cary Audio now has its own website!