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Trade-In Program & Certified Pre-Owned Products on CaryDirect

Cary Audio is pleased to announce a new Trade-in Program and Certified Pre-Owned products on CaryDirect.com!

The Trade-in Program allows customers to trade-in their used Cary Audio or non-Cary Audio audio components on their own or through a Cary Audio Retail Rep or Broker towards brand new Cary Audio purchases with full factory warranty and support. We accept in trade 2 channel and multi-channel stereo products including amps/preamps, speakers, turntables, digital equipment, tuners, processors, equalizers and even entire systems from most audio manufacturers. In our U.S. CaryDirect model, a customer can purchase direct while crediting a dealer for the sale, called a Retail Rep or Broker. This ensures the Retail Rep/Broker makes their margin. Same principle with our Trade-in program. The Retail Rep/Broker can either handle the trade-in or let Cary Audio handle it while being seamlessly integrated into the CaryDirect experience in the form of trade-in coupon codes. Click here for more details.

In conjunction, Cary Audio has also launched a Certified Pre-Owned section on CaryDirect. Products available in this section are previously owned Cary Audio products taken in on trade or purchased from customers and presented as Certified Pre-Owned within CaryDirect. When we receive a previously owned Cary Audio product into our factory in North Carolina, we immediately subject the equipment to our painstaking certification process. These units are subject to the same Quality Control Checklist as new production units. Beyond the assurance of a thorough certification process, every Certified Pre-Owned Cary Audio product comes with a 90 DAY warranty, which can be extended to a full year warranty. Click here for more details.

CaryDirect (www.carydirect.com) is only available in the U.S. and countries where there is no Cary Audio representation. For more information on CaryDirect and/or our new trade-in program, Certified Pre-Owned products, and/or B-stock products, please contact Cary Audio’s Sales Department at sales@caryaudio.com, or by phone at 919-867-4333.


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